Tuesday, July 19, 2011


PathImage by Guerito via FlickrI found myself in a precarious position this morning.

Then my angels showed me a vision, and I knew I was at an impasse.

I could either take the path to my right, which appeared clean and neat and pulled together. The concrete was solid, the path was lined with shiny store-bought things. It was easily traveled, and appeared to be a safe, well cared for route.

Then there was the path to my left which looked untended. The grey cobblestones missing in places, and the vines and trees grown wild and unruly on the sides. I knew if I took this path, I'd have to watch and take each step carefully. Not many had traveled here because of the way it seemed to be; forgotten and unkempt. And in the situation of it, this path seemed cold and unwelcoming.

Instinctively, I knew that the path to the right, although it appeared easier... led to a dead end.

Whereas, the path to the left would lead to the castle... the dream of the desired outcome.

And I chose the left path.

And in so doing, the path reached up to greet me and make my way easier than it had appeared.

I knew without doubt or fail that the path on the right would have been a struggle and a fight no matter how easy it appeared. I had actually been on that path in my long ago past and was grateful to not have to repeat that journey.

I am happy, and once again sure of my direction.  The path is actually quite easy despite looking difficult, because it is the correct one. And instinctively, I knew I wanted the overgrown path no matter what it seemed like.

This all happened in the span of a moment.

In retrospect it was the road less traveled, the one that will bring the true reward. In retrospect, it was a choice that only wisdom would bring me to.... and I am grateful.

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