Saturday, May 14, 2011


A page of a calendar.Image via WikipediaSometimes, it simply comes down to a matter of scheduling.

In case you're new, scheduling is not in any way shape or form my forte' and can only be done with mediocre aptitude under penalty of death or exorbitant payout my strong point.

If I look at the entire work schedule for all the employees at my job for a week, my head swims.

And it's put together by a guy who manages to stay under payroll budget while being fair about hours to 24 people and honoring requests for days off Every Week... and the job of scheduling is basically a footnote in his job description.

I have trouble managing to complete a total of 2 checkpoints, 4 discussion questions, and 8 replies to classmates over the course of a 7 day week.

Not because the work is difficult...because I suck that much at scheduling.

Add in daily existence needs like showering, feeding myself, doing housework and going to the laundromat every two days for clean work clothes... or the want-to's like making time for my kids, or my boyfriend, or anyone that is not a customer in my work life, and I'm pretty much a scheduling time bomb with a lit fuse.

Something is going to be forgotten or suffer the consequences of my ineptitude.

People that manage to create a schedule and stick to it with any regularity amaze and astound me... like an exhibit at the zoo or a P.T. Barnum spectacle-spectacular.

I mean, I can do it too, but only, maybe, kinda-sorta, once a week... possibly... probably closer to never once a month.

I don't even own a calendar except for the one that's built into my cellphone.

Oh wait, my computer has one too, I just never remember to look at it.

If it weren't for work, birthdays, and holidays, I'd have no idea what day it was... ever. It's not like I watch TV other than a movie here and there anymore.

No more Matt, Meredith, Ann, and Al informing me of the day and date.

Glee is available for internet viewing when I need a gleek junkie fix to catch up because I cannot manage to even catch the show on television even when I'm not working...

The only problem with viewing back episodes, or anything that does not consist of going to work in order to make money and pay bills, is finding the time... cause I have none... because I can't schedule worth a damn.

Are ya seein' the pattern here?

Maybe I should take a workshop another in a long list of many, many attempts at getting a handle on this crippling defect in my personality on time management.

I'll put it on the non-existent schedule. Registered & Protected
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