Friday, April 15, 2011

Because Sometimes Life Comes Too Fast to Blog It All

wtf ?Image by notsogoodphotography via FlickrThis post is such a random summary of what's up lately, that I figured a completely non-specific pic would be apropos.

OK, so to update y'all, the letter to the roomie was a resounding success. We patched things up that afternoon. But I'm still moving out today.

I found one apartment that would make a ghetto look like shangri-la. Seriously. There were bugs in the bathroom, the window unit was so poorly done that I could see the outside around it, and I was going to get charged an extra $10 a month because it had a refrigerator.

Yeah, WTF?

It was so depressing I almost went emo.

Instead I contacted a friend from church about a place he had mentioned, and I will look at it today. I'm very hopeful because it sounds nice. And I'm incredibly grateful because my aunt has sent some funds to help ensure I get it in a timely manner.

I also have gone through some incredible relationship changes in the last weeks.

I have weeded out all that was not working for me and was left with a friend I consider the brother I never had, and a new boyfriend who is awesome.

Managed to finally find one that is legally and emotionally available, I don't have to censor myself in front of, and who calms me... did I mention that he's crazy about me and doesn't play games about it? It's pretty fucking amazing.

And the brother-friend and the boyfriend talked yesterday while I was at work and they want to light the roomie on fire for bootin' me out for his girlfriend.

Which made my day... even if I'd never let em do it.

Been also having some incredible spiritual breakthroughs and I'm sure they will only progress as I settle in to my own place. Having my own home tends to have profound effects on me.

And school resumes on the 25th. Which I'm looking forward to, but mostly because I'm ready to be done with my AA in a field that I wouldn't detest doing for more than 30 seconds.

Well I have to go, I'm moving, looking at apartments, and doing a large number of run-around things while watching my son today.

Blessings to all... and hey, maybe the next post will actually have a point, or a plot, or something more interesting to say than just a rundown of what's up at the moment.

Here's hopin'! Registered & Protected
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Yaheu said...

great Post I like,, SomewORds Inspiring Me,, NiCe.. Love it..

Visit Me, please

The Retired One said...

OH glad it is working out for you! I am painfully behind in blog reading and just catching up with you are always in my thoughts though and know I am hoping for the best for you..
can't wait to hear about your new major and how school goes for you...I just know this is the right path for you!!