Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Failing to Communicate in Education

Strabismus surgery—medial rectus muscle being ...Image via WikipediaSo, thanks to my wonderful friend Joan at The Retirement Chronicles, I have an appointment with my academic advisor this morning to discuss changing my major.

Joan made a comment on the last post and suggested journalism...

I was like *heel of hand pop to the forehead* I Shoulda Had a V-8!!!

I guess at the time, Health Care Administration seemed like a great fit. I grew up with two excellent nurses, so we had a medical encyclopedia in the house, and medical terminology was commonplace; not to mention that we would watch those graphic 70's PBS specials where they did eye surgery on film.

I hated those things, and yet they entranced me... kind of like car wrecks on the freeway.

So, I knew nursing was never an option, but the paperwork side of it, yeah! I mean, if I'm trained on how to handle certain paperwork, I'm a friggin savant at it.

Hence, the bookkeeper position at work.... but I digress...

Therefore, the admin side of health care seemed to fit; take a lifetime's worth of informal training and match it with something you're naturally good at... No Brainer!

And that's why no brainers can be a bad idea.

Well, now that my brain has engaged, it's time for a change.

And writing just makes me happy... I guess that's why I like texting and emailing as opposed to talking.

So my advisor has turned me on to communications.

Which sounds like it will right up my alley.


I know it can't be worse than insurance forms.

It may even give me an excuse to be online every waking moment that I'm not at work.

Which totally works for me.

So we'll see how this goes... and I'll keep y'all posted, because I'm a natural born communicator. Registered & Protected
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The Retired One said...

SQUEEEEEE!!!! I am so, so happy for are a talented, natural born writer if ever there was one, and I KNOW, to the depth of my soul...that this is your calling and that you will be happy with your decision. I can't wait to hear every single step of your journey!