Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fly With Angels

My words, so ineffectual in their condolence.

They cannot change what is,

or help those left behind to grapple with their grief.

They cannot make up for the years of lost chances

to catch-up...

or check-in...

or offer a helping hand...

or a shoulder to cry upon...

or a story to share.

So many memories, left to the survivors

serving as both security blankets and daggers.

Wretched mortality... only in its wake do we see

that living our lives as best as we are able,

so profoundly affects others.

With love and sorrow in my heart,

I bid you farewell.

That you may fly with angels.

In honor of Mary Ellen Trickel Kulesa 5/21/63-8/7/10 Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

So, so sorry for the loss of your cousin, my friend.

Aria said...

Thank you Joan. It was quite a shock. She was only 47, and we were all preparing for her parent's 50th wedding anniversary party. They, of course, are devastated. Her sons are 16 & 18 and it's just a sad, sad case all the way around.

I know I'm blessed to be able to say this, but she was the first in our generation to pass and it hit all of us harder than we expected. This poem was my coping mechanism at work. :-)