Monday, August 30, 2010

Battles in Pottydom

Decorative toilet seatImage via WikipediaSo, we've finally gone all commando on the potty-training.

And I mean that literally.

My son is WAAAYYY late potty-training.  Turns out, he's just super lazy... or we are... whatever.

He knows how to use the toilet.  He's good at it.  When he does not have a butt-cover on; if he does, he's not using that toilet to save his life or hit the lotto.  

To be fair, he has no concept of death or money yet.  Well, aside from 'killing' everyone with any makeshift toy gun he can find, and when he plays McDonalds drive-thru with his father.  Jas charges hubby $1000 for two McDoubles, a small fry, and two large Diet Cokes; all of which are on the value menu, btw.

We have a budding Republican, obviously.

So the kid has been running around the house without any type of butt-cover... and using the toilet.

However, he has decided that if he doesn't get to wear a diaper or pull-up, he's not wearing ANYTHING

 ... and he likes to follow us outside.

If I put Diet Coke in his sippy cup, he'd be textbook Redneck Child.

So then we try to dress him before coming outside or bedtime rolls around, and we try to put a pull-up on him and he gets really, REALLY offended about it.

As if we forced nakedness upon him and now clothes of any type are a crime against nature and his incredibly evolved sensibilities.

Great, so now he's a toilet-using, nudist, budding-Republican.

I'm never getting that Mother of the Year award. Registered & Protected
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Anonymous said...

Very entertaining post, reminds me of my little tots when they were still running blissfully inside the house not knowing they have nothing on.

The Retired One said...

Due to a crazy busy last two months, I am very behind in reading other's blogposts! Just catching up on some tonight and got to this one. OMG<did I laugh!
You are a hoot my friend and never fail to keep me smiling.
Advice: take LOTS of pictures of him now while he is doing's going to be sweet revenge and blackmail later at his wedding reception! hahaaaaaa