Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Sucked!! No Wait It's Better! Nope, It Sucks Again

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I'm trying to be classy this time.  Like Judi Dench would be.

However, what I really want to do is be petty and nickle-and-dime this jackhole until his eyes and ears bleed.

In short July kinda sucked, but then it got better for a minute, and then it sucks again.

Let me explain.  We started the month by finding out that the tier three unemployment (that we were told we would just roll-over to) had not been approved by the government yet.  So, you know, that bill paying check that you were waiting on because you're family is still dependent on unemployment and you pay bills with one check and the other bills and buy food with the other check and you have nothing left saved at all...

That check?  Yeah, ummmm well keep filing and when and if the fucking Republicans get their heads out of their greedy tight asses, you'll get back pay.  Until then, good luck... no wait, this is a government agency; no good luck.  We rescind the good luck statement and replace it with fuck you, your call has been disconnected try again later.  So no money coming in from Hubby's end.  (I only mention this specifically because it will become important later.)

And my daughter came amidst all of the unintentional poverty.  Which we were graciously pulled out of the depths by the kindness and generosity of unexpected help by a couple of family members.  And to them I bow down and kiss their pumps or heels or asses (whatever they prefer).

So we were able to get my daughter from the airport with a registered and insured vehicle and had the money for tolls and gas both to and from the airport both ways.  Hell, we even had enough left to feed her while she was here... cause yeah, it was looking that bad.

And then my grandmother came through one last time in the final disbursement of her estate which was enough to actually pay all the bills up including the current due.  Which was nice cause trying to do internet college on library computers sucks donkey rocks.  And having to wait till you get all two-hours-of-drive home to call the people involved with your daughters travel plans sucks.  And wondering if you're going to wake up with electricity and home phone service sucks.  And getting phone calls that they're going to repossess tool-boxes sucks.  And all three of your husbands credit cards are now over-limit thanks to fees so now we can tack on more fees, sucks.  And trying to concoct something edible out of 4 day old baked dry-ass chicken breast for a man that's doing Atkins for his diabetes and totally ungrateful for your culinary inventiveness sucks. And Gran's estate disbursement took care of all of that.

I have 5 dollars left in my wallet.  That's all.  But hey, the bills are all paid up and we won't start getting 'hey where is our money' calls until the first week in September when they'll be over-due again.  YAY!!! 

Except that yesterday, hubby... Prince that he is, told me that when his back-pay and all that comes in from unemployment since the Republicans unclenched, he's going to change the oil in my car and give me $500 and I need to move out.

Here's the kicker; he's been thinking about it for months.


And the sorry, no account mother fucker let me spend all of my money paying bills for what is soon to be ONLY HIS house.

I'm trying to be classy here, so I will stop myself before I rant.   And I'm not going to call him out on facebook this time.  Why would I, this did not originate on facebook this time.

I'm livid.  I'm also aware that it's time for me to go, so it's not that painful, but to quote M from James Bond, "He's got a bloody cheek!"  (You really need to put that into a British accent to not have it sound like he needs stitches.)

I have faith that God will allow me to leave here well, very well.  But, that's why I haven't been writing; better to blurt it all out in one OMFG blog post than drag all the crap out for the entire month post by post.

Any prayers would be greatly appreciated; cause July has really sucked. Registered & Protected
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Angelika said...

I'm so sorry, Aria.

What a fucking ASS!

You're in my prayers, Pookie!

Aria said...

Thank you Pookie, you're in my prayers as well. ;-) Love ya girl!

The Retired One said...

I had company here for over a week, so I hadn't been reading my blogger friend's blogs until today, when I am trying to get caught up..(which I won't because I am so SOL behind it is going to take me WEEKS). Anyway...I am SO SORRY about all that you are going through,Aria.
Yes, you have my prayers and hugs and love! Before when you said it was over, I was kind of hoping it really was, but then I figured you reconciled because he was truly going to change, and having the big heart you do, you gave him a chance.
I am so sorry he screwed with you AGAIN. I hope you can end this and end it for good so that you can find joy in your life so deserve it.
Please keep in touch and email me anytime you can or want to, okay????
I will be thinking of you and you will be in my heart and prayers during this difficult time.

Aria said...

Thank you Joan. I am doing quite well and waiting on God. I will find myself wherever I am supposed to~ for right now, I'm hanging tight and will go when the Universe deems it time. In the mean time, all hostility seems to have dissipated and hey, I got out of housework for a few days. Working on school and playing with the munchkin, and when I finish this week's 'big assignment' I'll get the house to Aria-livable standards again (cause I can't stand living in filth, and that's what it's deteriorated to *eyeroll*). He got his money last night, and hasn't said word one about me going anywhere. I think my next post will be titled, "Men Are Schizophrenic" =D

Kendal Howard said...

My goodness it sounds like you have had a pretty horrible month. With that kind of month I think you can rant all you want. It doesn't seem like it right now but God does have a plan for you and in the end you will be better off. Trust in your faith and I will be thinking and praying for you.