Friday, July 9, 2010

Apparently, My Computer Hates Holidays

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I'm sure y'all are wondering where I've been... "Did she start back blogging only to drop us all like hot potatoes again?"

No, I thought long and hard about quitting and then longer and harder about resuming my blog to leave y'all in the lurch yet again.

However, my computer has no such moral compass.

The bitch that I named Juliet died on July second.  Yeah, the week of finals.  Nice, huh?  I swear I'm gonna sledgehammer this bitch the second I am able to replace her  Don't talk bad about her though, she may rebel, and I have a 2000-word paper for my new round of classes due on Sunday.

Nice Juliet.  Good Juliet.

By the grace of God, I turned in my finals on Thursday night and even stayed up late enough that I was able to submit my final two answers for my participation requirements (which had to be posted Friday).  However, my classes are such that the old classes end on a Sunday and the new block of classes begin on the very next day, Monday.

So it was that, even with my finals submitted, I was frantic when I got up Friday and tried to wake up Juliet, but was greeted by the blue screen of death.

A little side note... the same thing happened to me on Good Friday, this recently past Easter weekend.

Juliet, must have had a cousin who suffered a life-altering motherboard incident during a holiday... or something, cause W.T.F?!?

By the way, have you ever tried to get service done to anything on a holiday weekend?

Fucking Nightmare!  'nuff said.

Turns out, after a few hours speaking with many, many, many, many, many people who pronounced words with a lilting Indian-English accent, I finally got someone to not transfer my call after informing him or her that my hard drive went bad, dead and tits-up.

Since I just went through this three months ago, I knew all the tests to perform and the numbers that HP tech support would need, but they still made me do all the legwork with them on the phone, cause I couldn't possibly know what I was talking about so that they could in a marginally understandable accent tell me that my hard drive went bad, died, and was tits-up.  *eyerollmaskedbyfakesmile*


I had to let it go for the weekend otherwise I would have gone into an apoplectic rage and murdered all manner of people with accents and electronic equipment which allowed me to read three books and two magazines and still have time to clean the house and do the laundry, and write in my actual pen-and-ink journal, and play with my son and watch my husband and our roommate shoot off some fireworks in the driveway cause that is the one of the few rare benefits of living out in the country.

Amazing how much time the computer eats-up when one doesn't just do school and blogging, but also starts playing games on facebook... anyway...

 Hubby insisted that I not ship Juliet off to HP, but to take it to his beloved Best Buy.

Somehow, God called in a favor and I got the computer in to Best Buy on Monday, and back from Best Buy on Wednesday morning.  Which was wonderful, except that I was a full day behind from the holiday weekend and all of my assignments for this week were turned in a day late, until today, cause now I am actually aware it's Friday and not Thursday.

So I go to work on my participation due today and find out that Juliet has dropped her 'T'.

The fucking bitch no longer has a working T on the keyboard... and I have a 2000 word essay due for Ethnic Diversity class, in which I have to pretend to be a person from a subordinate group and write the paper in journal form with required APA formatted references, due on Sunday.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?  NO 'T'?!?  It's not like it's the 'X' key for Pete's Sake!

Luckily, hubby remembered that we had a keyboard in the back, so I am able to blog this and do my schoolwork over the weekend, but obviously, the bitch is going to need to go back to the 'puter doctor for repairs...


I just keep reminding myself that this and all of the other problems we are currently facing (that I have not covered here) all came on at once.  And the only time we (people) get hit all at once is when we're about to come up higher.

Come on God send me the good!  right now, as in: this very minute, would be great, thanks. Registered & Protected
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