Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm So Not In The Mood For This

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Well y'all. What can I say? I have a migraine, my phone line is down and I'm out of energy from chasing the turbo all weekend... OK,the chasing the turbo tot was an exaggeration. He's been better than usual, I'm just outta energy because I am.

I did however decide that I was taking Sunday off. I blame this decision on the education system of the United States. Had I never had a 5-day school week as a kid, I wouldn't have realized that Saturday and Sunday were 'days off'. Then I wouldn't have gotten older and made educated decisions to give up organized religion and take on parenting so that Saturday became the run around like a maniac with the family and the chores and such and then Sunday wouldn't have become relax from whenever till dinner because I don't get up for church. But then I'd also still be quasi-quoting the Bible about Sunday being a day of rest cause, to be honest, I like that one and I try to live by it, American education aside.

However since I'm a homebody and we were broke over the weekend, I only cleaned house on Saturday so I took my 'day off' by building myself custom cars on the websites and looking at laughably expensive real estate listings in CA and NJ and you know, it takes quite a strong imagination to flesh out the full single winning lotto ticket wealthy lifestyle when you're living in 540 square-falling-apart-feet and eating top ramen for lunch in po'dunk Texas.

But I'm strong. I did it.

I went from Toyotas to Lexuses in a few hours. I threw over Vacaville for Tiburon and Springfield for Alpine. So I'm ready now, to hit the lotto and willing to accept the accoutrements of wealth in my 7,000 sq ft mansion. But I've decided I want to live on those earnings for the rest of my life, so I settled for two Lexuses instead of the Ferrari and Lamborghini. Cause, you know, I'm practical like that. But I got so immersed in the fantasy that I neglected the house and the rest of existence for two whole days.

PhotobucketSo now it's Tuesday and the house is a complete and total disaster. And having to deal with this trash heap of a house is not fitting in to my mental image Gucci lifestyle. it's so much easier to send the maid to do the dishes and she'd be fired for letting my kitchen get to this state what kind of a pig did I hire anyway?

*sigh* I can't even put it off till I win the lotto tonight and hire a good maid because it'll take weeks for the check to clear and I don't have enough dishes am just not that nasty. So I have to go in and play maid myself and it's ssssoooo depressing especially with already feeling like crap thanks to Mr Migraine. And even more so because that pic doesn't even show the rest of the disaster area that is my house as I type this. Because honestly, the only thing that might make my migraine better, aside from good maid service and cheesecake is this...

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DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Oooooooh, Tiburon. Heaven.

The Retired One said...

I gotta admit that I was hoping that wasn't a picture of your kitchen 'cuz I would've suited up in my Hazmat suit and gone there to clean it for you, my poor migraine sick girlfriend. 'Cuz you know I would TOTALLY have done it for you.
(Of course I would have not slept there because from what you have been telling us about your live-in house guest there is no frickin' room, even for a fellow blogger who adores you).

Aria said...

DG ~ I know, and Belvedere is right next door and *dare I say it?* even better... gotta tissue? I keep leaking drool.

Retired One ~ Thanks sweetie! The roommate is gone, kind of, he is now in a camper outside, so we sort of have room... if you don't mind one bathroom and a fairly comfy couch. No, I got the kitchen clean...mostly. Still have housework to catch up on, but until I can get rid of the man for 8 hours a day for more than one day at a time, this place and it status of 'CLEAN' will never be repaired to my satisfaction. Appreciate the offer of help oh so very much. You have a standing-no-notice-necessary-reservation in my 7000 SqFt mansion. It has a guest wing. ;-)