Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ahhh, quiet. Blissful, pin-drop quiet.

No more dishes and glasses and bowls and spoons and forks and cookware making its way into the kitchen; transforming a not-so-long-ago naked sink into a mountain fit for a king.

No more towels being used for one hand drying and being thrown into the laundry basket; while the sink or the floor are still sopping wet from either a sloppy hand-washing or a toddler's giddy playtime in the toilet.

No more hearing my son running up the hall because he has, yet again, dove out of the playpen like he's trying to escape a quicksand-pit full of alligators.

No more louder-than-a-jackhammer-wolf-ticket cries because he got returned to said playpen.

No more music and or movies and or television shows blaring through the sound system; cause dammit EVERYTHING sounds better coming out of Krell speakers.

No more roosters crowing because they want you to throw out more cat food for them to eat even if they have to chase off the cats to get it.

No more cats mewling at you cause the chickens ate most of their food so they're still hungry.

No more sound of the road reverberating through the tires because you've run away from home for a brief bit, simply to drive around and get a break.

No more voices talking you deaf about nonsensical nothings cause they can't stand the silence.

Even the coyotes have stopped howling. Even the wind has stopped blowing. Even the cars have stopped driving past the house.

All is still. All is calm. All is a mess that I refuse to clean up until the morning, lest I awake the resting noises. I shall sit and enjoy the empty air and peace around me. It'll be just like one of those mythical Calgon moments ~ without the bubble bath...

Until I fall asleep out of sheer boredom... on the couch... with a crick in my neck to greet me in the loud sunrise of the morning. Registered & Protected


Denford said...

I guess you are pretty busy, but it would be wonderful if you could find a moment to return visits.

You are a favourite of mine on Linkreferral and also on Entrecard!

Still, your blog seems to be doing very well with all those ads!

The Retired One said...

You just THINK its quiet.
What has actually happened is that from the blaring noises of your hubby's TV, your child screaming, your roosters crowing, your kittens mewing, your cars roaring by (and, most of all from putting the foreign pink chemicals into your coffee), you have GONE DEAF!!! I say (louder this time)....CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?
It's okay, though. They say those tiny hearing aides are hardly visible these days.......

Military Momz said...

Great post!!!! Hope you were minus the crick!!!

Aria said...

Denford ~ sorry to make you feel neglected! I'll come by more, promise.

Retired One ~ LMFAO! What?!?!? You want some pink-shit? Here, have mine... What?!? Oh, you're welcome ~ that was a huge handful of pink packets; must have a princess to dispatch...

Military Momz ~ Yes, blessedly, I was without the crick... managed to make it to the bed and wrestle my body pillow away from hubby and everything!