Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Wahmbulance

OK, so I know you're asking yourself, "Self, WTF happened to Aria'z Ink? She said the writing was going to always come first, and here's this huge long POLL-Thingey all up top and in the way of my reads!"

Yes, I know, and I apologize ~ kind of.

The poll has a two-fold reason. First of all, my ad revenues suck big fat donkey rocks so I want to know what y'all like, cause obviously, my finger is not on the pulse. In fact, by my numbers, my finger is jammed up my ass, far from the pulse... Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?!? (Non Kevin Smith fans ~ heathens! Get out!!! ~ that is a movie quote, not me being incredibly disgusting... that's Brody being incredibly disgusting. OK, back to the reality of writing this post) Anyway, so that is the first reason. Cause, while I love, Love, LOVE Amazon and housewares and the opportunity to make money with my blog, nobody else seems to be on the same page...

Secondly, my blogoversary is coming up in a few (several) months... And since I'm going to do a giveaway for that, I needed to know what'cha all wanted... even if you never buy anything from me... I don't judge... I won't hold a grudge... I'll still give y'all a great big WHOOT Thank You for showing up at all. Honestly. It just means that instead of normal channels, I'm going to have to sell a kidney or donate my breasts to science or something to come up with the money to fund the giftie giveaway... that's the other reason why I'm polling now for a June giveaway.

In light of these general-everyday-blog owner-delights (
bitchings), I've been having a kind of blog identity crisis. Signing up for a lot of different directories and working on SEO will do that to a person. How are my keywords? What do I need to change to get my Alexa ranking moving again, and moving in the right direction? Yay, I finally got an actual Google PR, as opposed to a non-ranked zero, but... um, how's Oprah gonna find me with only a 2/10. And the advertising simply reiterates the wrong-way-Jones feeling.

Another head-spin to compound the who-where-what-Me?-crisis; I've networked like a madwoman. And I'm still going, but I've socially networked so damn much that I scarcely have time to social-anything. And I'm burning myself the hell out... sorta.

I'm still totally addicted to writing the blog, but sometimes, even though I've got an apeload of sites listed under "saved to join" I forget to even go there, cause my mind is going blank to the refrains of "Happy (friggin) Working Song". And with all I've been doing here to promote, build, etc., the Crayzie Aria site may as well be dead ~ except that I'm extremely fond of that template, and the few articles over there, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Frankly, putting the kind of time into that one that I've put into this one makes me want to get very, very drunk. So, it's not dead, but it is very much in limbo... AGAIN. I should have just bought this domain name instead of that one, but I didn't. So... Live and Learn.

Anyway, if You, my valued, trusted, glorious readers, would like to give me any feedback on anything... Social networks that are must do's. Advertising that You want to see and would consider utilizing. Gift cards that You want to win on the blogoversary... Tell me. I'm pretty sure, at this point, I'm completely clueless.

I'm going to go do housework now. I know that I know how to do that! Registered & Protected


The Retired One said...

I am so new to the blogging world that I am not sure how all of this works. My blog is just for my own writing exercise (because if I don't practice my passion (writing) I will burst). So for me, blogging answered this need for me. And I get wonderful feedback, which then causes me to want to write more. So for me,it is an easy 1+1=2.
But I am starting to understand that for many (good) bloggers,they must also accomplish advertising on their sites to earn money in addition.
But I am naive as to how this is all done. Do you get paid by how many total sales of things that happen because they click on ads on your site? Or, do you just get paid by how many people click on the sites? Do you own the actual products that are sold from your site, or are you like a middle-man "broker"? Yes, I am really that much "in the dark" about the whole thing.
Sometimes when I check out a blog that looks ok, but they sell things as part of their daily posts, I never go back, because I want to read good writing and not be faced with an (unwanted) pitch in the middle of their posts.
I don't know the answer on how I can tell blog sites that are purely sales pitches versus others(like yours) that I LOVE the writing/content (I guess, despite the sales opportunities provided).
Help me (and maybe some other bloggers?) understand how to help you!!?
Because without your site being here providing me with the humor that it does, just would be unfair and awful.
Can you take the time to explain it for us "newbies" (step-by-step)and tell us exactly how it all works (and how we can truly help?)
Thanks Aria...LOL

kAyE said...

you really are a social networking junkie. i mean, i think of something good to suggest but i scroll down your page and find it right here. so nothing from me on that. same goes with advertising. you have one of the busiest blogs i have stumbled upon (do you have stumble upon?), and no, it's not a bad thing. i actually want to be able to spend as much time on my blog as you do on yours so i can up my alexa rankings before i turn three months. so what did i comment for? nothing. i just wanted to :D

CanCan (MomMostTraveled) said...

I saw your comment at Momma Findings about not being able to go to BlogHer, and I wanted to let you know that they have childcare there at the conference. It is subsidized!

Diane L. Harris said...


At least I got a laugh of recognition from your post, but I don't know how to help with your dilemma.

I'm not trying (yet) to make money with my site, because I don't know how to do it well and I don't need any additional frustration in life right now.

I understand, though, about overdoing the social networking. I couldn't tell you how many directories and groups I've signed up for. I have to ignore and neglect most of them. I get the most traffic via StumbleUpon and Twitter. LinkReferral's good too. So I've decided to focus on these three and dabble in a small handful of others that are specific to my interests.

Aria said...

Retired One ~ m'dear, I gave you a whole post, so this time around, I'm going to ignore you, except to say, are you Rod or Jerry? I guess you're Jerry saying help me help you, but now I wanna hear show me the money!! Holla! LOLOLOL!

Kaye ~ yes, I have stumble upon, but I don't work it. The toolbar slowed down my super-slow computer and I took it off so I don't have it listed, but yes, I am actually listed there.

Can Can ~ thank you so much for giving me the heads up! You get linky love, woman! See the next post!

Diane ~ thanks for commenting! You're the second Stumble'er, I may have to rethink doing that one... I'm looking up upgrade my RAM capacity, which will help with the slow-'puter problem & maybe I can get the toolbar to be a help instead of a hindrance. As far as LR, I'm actually going to start working that one again. I took the month off because I signed up for the pro, which gave me a month of sidebar advertising in my category, and I wanted to get a fully un-skewed view of how well that advertising worked, so I left it alone the entire time that ad ran. I'll be back on LR come Monday.