Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is It Over Yet ~ Almost?!?

One more day and it's over. We can ring in 2009, which, in my case anyway, has to be better... Hell, I'm due if nothing else! But I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, the only one that's due.

This year has been mediocre highs and low lows. Really, was it only me that found this year to only be so-so in the good department, any highs being left over from previous times? And somehow, it managed to present us with such sub-basement lows, that in the physical, would have been wholly impossible to accomplish within the laws of physics; you shouldn't be able to sink that far that fast without being up higher to start with, but 2008 overrode the natural laws that way.

And yet, the weird thing is, I'm not all excited to celebrate it's exit. Don't get me wrong in the slightest, I'm Happy As Hell to see this year gone, but it's left me wrung out... tired... mopey... I just want to go to sleep tomorrow night and wake up in the new year. Oh, I'll stay up and watch the ball drop, but I'm only doing it to make sure that I don't get caught in that Groundhog Day movie and have to live this year over and over and over again... with Bill Murray... and that would only be cool, if I could get him to do his lines as Carl from Caddyshack.

Because I'm hoping that 2009 will have me as the "Cinderella Story". That inspiration and purpose will renew itself once I'm freed of the shackles of 2008. So let me say goodbye to this year in the way that a multi-million-lotto-jackpot-single-ticket-winner would to her abusive boss if she were buying out the company...

Dear 2008,

You have been mean to us and we want you gone. You've given us just enough to bring a slight smile to our lips and then slapped us into the dirt when we got it into our hands.

You have rocked the foundation of our world, and almost never in the good call-your-girls-and-make-em-sick-with-envy-cause-you-don't-even-have-to-embellish sort of way. You've taken all manner of people and places and things and ideals from us. You've given us great hope and a peek of the sunny-blue-sky through the clouds for minutes; and had us heart-broken-crying surrounded by clouds darker'n'a sack of black cats for weeks.

Things that have happened under your watch, have taken us through the entire spectrum of our spirituality. We've begged, questioned, cussed, given thanks, praised, and talked earnestly in friendship with our God. We have left behind some old beliefs and found some new ones. Those beliefs that have remained are now entrenched. We have learned who we are in a deeper and more profound way than we expected, but that is a common occurrence when you walk fully through the fire.

We have endured the extreme ugly of your reign, we have made it through, and we have had enough. There is only one thing left to say to you;

2008, Get The Fuck Out...You're Fired!

*Nice little synchronicity, I just realized that letter would work being sent to W. too. (tee hee!)

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Brittany said...

LOL you are hilarious and an awesome writer! Love it!

Kate said...

Spot on, Sista!
I hear you loud and clear. Couldn't have said it better myself.

2008 sux.

Keep writing!

The Mom said...

Here here! You said it far more eloquently than I could!

Brittany said...

AMEN! I am done with 2008, here's to a winning ticket and a much better and prosperous 2009. Plus, I love the new layout!

Aria said...

Brittany (first one, Greer 5)~ thank you, I'm blushing! Not really, when I get up from here I'm going to strut to the kitchen with my bad-ass self... ;-D

Kate ~ I'll be happy to take the words out of your mouth, and I can't stop writing, I'd implode.

Mom ~ Awww thanks, ok, now I really am blushing...

Brittany (second one Barefoot Foodie) ~ OMG you read my blog?!? Sorry, I'm having stalker's shakes right now... Thanks for the winning ticket wishes; I'll totally kick you down some... and the layout kudos... Thank YOU! It's a lotta damn work to get it right, isn't it? Yours has always been an inspiration, but none of the freebies wanted to play nice...

1stopmom said...

I agree with you. I am so ready for 2009. This year has definitely been a hard one. I just wish I could have said it as well as you did :)

O Pechanga said...

Yep, I lost my job as of TODAY, so I'm definitely looking for a BETTER new year.

For us California people, there is NO use it or LOSE it with vacations. I'm getting 176 days of unused vacation pay.

Keep documents if you don't use them! THEY HAVE TO PAY...it's the LAW.


Weaselmomma said...

Sounds like 2008 was not a good year for you. It wasn't the best for us, but put into prospective we have nothing to complain about. 2002 was a year we were happy to say good riddance too, but that's when we were at rock bottom and it can only go up from there.
I wish you a happy and prosperous 2009, but remember that a calendar does not take your hurt and sorrows away, but that time can help heal the wound.

Aria said...

1StopMom ~ Awww shucks, thanks for the compliment... and yeap, midnight can't come quickly enough!

O Pechanga ~ Thanks for visiting and commenting! Well it totally sucks that your job dissolved, but hey, there had to be an upside to stacking up those vacay-days... When I worked for the State of California, I used em up quicker than they could give em to me... So, I'm hoping with that many paid-days due, you've got a little cushion till you get another J.O.B. Good luck to you in 09!

Weaselmomma ~ Thanks for visiting and commenting! It was definitely not one of my best years. But I'm thankful for some things that happened this year; it really could have been worse... I think what made this one over-and-above sucky was the lack of High-Highs to balance out the pendulum swing. Thanks for the good wishes, and wishing you the same in 09!

Georgie said...

OMG!!!! I am soooo ready for this screwed up horrible year to go away tooo... please make it stop....