Friday, November 14, 2008

Guest Posting on JLo's NO-HO

Well, tomorrow is the big day; my First Ever Guest Post (YAY!!! Can y'all hear the Jefferson's theme music?) is being published on [zany life + crazy faith]

Normally this blog is authored by Judi Moran, who is an excellent writer, an amateur photographer with a good eye, and in my opinion, a really cool lady. I cannot begin to describe to you the largeness, and possibly overwhelming nature of turning your blog over to guest writers for an entire month. It sounds like a vacation, but I assure you, it Really Is Not. It may very well be more work that producing your own posts. And for this, Judi, my admiration of you, not only for your work but also your generosity in turning over your blog to showcase other readers has grown (you already ranked pretty high! *wink* Go WOMAN! lol) exponentially.

So, in case it wasn't already obvious, I am extremely honored that Judi asked me to sign up for a NO-HO. Which, by the way, all you fellow Slut-Brains, is not what you think! I know, I thought it too, and simply assumed that Judi was taking on another direction; which was accurate, just not in the way that my immediately-drop-to-the-gutter-and-roll-around-in-giddy-twisted-fashion mental processes went to; my Slut-Brain as I call it. NO-HO actually stands for November Holidays. Turns out that some bored and probably deranged card-company-worker has come up with an actual 'Holiday' for every single day in November. When you go over to [zany life + crazy faith] you'll understand why I think that...

I have to say that I have been enjoying all of the guest posts. Some are art, some are video clips, some are actual writings... More than anything, I'm loving finding new styles and exploring the works of the new-to-me bloggers and artists that Judi has managed to assemble... It is all the more humbling (and ego-boosting, if I am truly honest) to have been picked. My personal fave so far has been November 13th, World Kindness Day. Head over to Judi's blog and choose your own fave!

Therefore, it is my great joy to invite all of my readers over to Judi's blog [zany life+ crazy faith] and check out my guest post for November 15th, which is Clean Out Your Fridge Day. That title just cracked me up, so you know I had to take it and run with it. Enjoy Y'all and thanks for reading!

I have to throw in a mini-disclaimer here; My fridge was NOT the one I wrote about, nor the one pictured, just in case you were considering coming to dinner at my house. It was modeled after an actual fridge though, and then of course expanded upon to make my point.


Judi "Jlo" Moran said...

Oh, Aria, what a lovely tribute - I'm truly honored that you featured my series in your post today and - HELLO - gave me HOW many links??!!
Thank you so much!
I really appreciate the showcase of my blog and the series.
It has truly been a fun adventure that has taken off for parts I couldn't even envision!
I am excited for my visitors, and all the fans of the other guest posters, to read your Fridge piece tomorrow.
Thus, many more will get to know the funny Jersey girl that always entertains me!
Thanks again, so much, for participating in the NO-HO series - the honor was mine.

jeanette said...

What a great tribute! Way to honor such a good friend. :) She has worked really hard and put a lot more hours in doing this for everyone else than she does in putting in her own posts. :)

Thanks by the way for the NO-HO Nov. 13th pick for fave. :) It is deffinately a passion of my heart. Showing kindness isn't really that hard when you think about it. :) And you are right if we all did that it would be a better place to live. :) Thank you again and i can't wait to read yours. :)

Anonymous said...

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