Friday, November 7, 2008

Body Crash

My body decided it was tired today. I crashed. I didn't crash like dropping-all-the-dishes-in-a-12-piece-place-setting crash, but for the first time in my life I had to dump out a full pot of coffee and start over.

That's what I'm doing now, as I write this...desperately awaiting the coffee that I so deeply NEED this morning. I'm still bleary eyed, and extremely fuzzy headed. The day has gone like this;

6:30 am: Got up, beelined to the bathroom, washed hands in cold-ass-morning-in-the-country-in-a-trailer water, made hubby lunch, and started coffee.

6:45 am: Crawled back into bed, snuggled with hubby and fell back to half-asleep.

7:00 am: Heard the alarm go off again, hubby shut it off for real, and got up to get ready for work. I leave my consciousness and enter a bizarre dream world consisting of many of my old friends and trying to outrun the end-of-the-world in my two door 2000 Toyota Echo. Don't ask me, I'm way more "off the hook" in my dreams than what I've ever written...

7:15-ish: Hubby recognizes that I am dead to the world, probably kissed me goodbye and left.

8:45 am: I crack my eyes open thinking I hear the baby playing. I stumble to the bathroom and then onto check the baby. He's still asleep. I make sure both doors are locked and go back to bed. I burrow all the way down inside the down comforter, and spread out all over the bed the way I only can when hubby is not in bed. Ahhhh. Out cold in 1-point-2 minutes.

9 something: I wake up without opening my eyes, because opening them would take more energy than I have. Initially I thought I heard baby (because when I first wake up, I think every noise is baby) but in listening for more than a millisecond, I realized that it was the chickens and the cats on the back porch playing a loud rendition of what I'm guessing was "Chicken"--I mean that's the only game that would make sense, right? Called out to son who didn't answer, indicating that he was actually asleep, not just playing quietly waiting for me to get the fuck up already. No answer, re-enter the land of the not-quite-alive. Snore Loudly for effect.

10:20 am: Emerge from spotty-coma, realizing that it's after 10 and the house stinks of burnt coffee. I bolt out of bed as best as I can for a woman recovering from a coma, and make the bed. I go over and start the wash water for laundry, walk into the front room to collect anything hubby may have left that needs washing. Somehow manage to comprehend that son is still sleeping--And Breathing... finish loading laundry. Emerge into kitchen, dump burnt-so-badly-it-would-easily-peel-paint coffee and start over. Look at uber-disgraceful mountain of dishes in sink. Vow to do them sometime after computer work and coffee--In other words, lied to myself enough to escape one of my most hated household duties...

The running water to re-make coffee woke my son up, so I got him changed and breakfasted all the while sending up a little prayer of thanks for my son. I mean, come on! He woke up after me! I ask you parents out there--Is that a great kid, or what? Well worth a little prayer, to be sure! Speaking of prayers of thanks...

I was still in my scattered, pre-coffee state when I got online and started moderating comments. And I just have to give a shout out, I have the best readers in the world! No, really, y'all. Your comments are so great and thoughtful. The number of followers are growing, and my Link Referral reviews are consistently really good. I always hoped for this kind of feedback, but I'm not sure I really expected to get it, and I just have to say, Thanks to you ALL for all the positive reinforcement that compels me to want to be here (aside from my own natural compunction) and make you think, or laugh or simply to give you something new to read.

I was feeling so good after the comment moderation, that I decided to hop over to Alexa and check my ranking. I started checking this site on Oct 22nd, and had a page rank of 1,118,951. (for those of you not Alexa savvy, they rank from the top of the pile down, IE: if there are 9,000,000 sites out there, you start at that number and work down to number one.) 1 million plus is not too bad for a blog that has only been going since June of this year. Today I checked it, and Aria'z Ink is at 882,042!!! I broke 900K. With that I went into the kitchen for my first cup of coffee (at now 11:15 am) to celebrate!

Thanks to YOU readers, followers, and commenter givers (and a fair bit of marketing hard work), I may actually get my call from Oprah! OK, so I know that it's still so remote as to be in the same league with hitting the lotto, but hey...even awake, a girl's gotta have dreams.


Ron said...

yep .. sounds just like crash

everybody needs them from time to time .. it is just so rare that all the pieces of the crash fit together as nicely .. I usually wake up around 6ish .. clock or not .. but .. sometimes the body lets me lie back down and collect some more snooze points

It is always a good thing

Michael Jordan Lifestyle said...

lol, keep the dream alive! Oprah's couch could have a place on it for you!