Friday, November 28, 2008

Did'ja Do Black Friday?

Did'ja survive Black Friday?

Did'ja remember your mace and pepper-spray and brass knuckles?

Did'ja get out of the stores with anything you went in for?

Did'ja settle for the lime green fuzzy hat with the blind-you-bright orange and hot pink pom-pom cause it was only a buck and you wanted to come home with at least ONE bag of something to show for the pitch-black circles under your eyes and all those bruises and jammed fingers?

Did'ja freeze your ass off lining up at Best Buy before the 10 o'clock news aired on Thanksgiving night just to be 98th in line and miss getting the one $300 laptop in the store?

Did'ja surprise yourself by out-maneuvering
that flannel-clad-barbarian like you were bargaining with God for more time on Earth in order to get the last $600 50 inch plasma TV, become giddy in a way that is only appropriate for pre-teens in crush-love, then go to move your car and have your heart drop into your shoes because it all of a sudden hits you... you drive a Toyota Corolla, it's 5:45 am, and everybody you know with a truck (including the U-haul place) is still out cold from their turkey-induced-coma?

Did'ja get home exhausted and battered like a refugee and find that no one saved you any whipped cream to go on the mini-sliver of pumpkin pie that was left, and then found out that you were out of coffee to wash it down with too?

Did'ja set the alarm and get up at 3am Friday to hit the sales after staying up all Wednesday night cooking, and now you're so over-tired that you can't see straight, remember your name, or manage to drive yourself home even if you did know your own address, which at this point, you soooo don't.

Did'ja do Black Friday in all it's over-pumped, over-hyped, over-tired, knock-down-drag-out-sales-pitch-on-steroids?


Did'ja decide to be smart, and hold out for Cyber Monday so you can call in sick, travel less than 500 feet, shop in your pj's while sitting on your couch, get everyone on your list done in one day, have everything you bought show up at your doorstep, and not look like you've been in a multi-car-pile-up on the drive home from Aunt Esther's house?

Not only can you guess my choice, I'll make it even easier for you...

Shop by Personality.

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Happy cyber-shopping my dear readers!
~Now, isn't that better?~


Cyber Monday said...

i love cyber monday. i cant wait for next monday. thanks.

cyber monday

1stopmom said...

I definitely did not do Black Friday this year. The first time in about 10 years. I tend to spend much more than planned and this year money is a little tight. I will be surfing on Monday though to see if I can find a barin though!

eve cleveland said...

Grrrr, I'm still mad at those Wal-Mart people!