Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Computer Trouble

So I was 'round-the-bend earlier when I tried to get in to do a post, and kept getting the error message from blogger that my email didn't exist. After trying several more times, I decided to break down and contact Blogger's help. Only to find out that contacting Blogger Help is akin to chasing down the end of the rainbow where the pot of gold is supposed to be. I played ring-around-the-rosy for what seemed like forever; my mind reeling and my coffee cup being drained like someone on a 24 hour pass from rehab at a liquor store. I had to drink the coffee like a mad woman because my throat hurt like hell from the primal scream that I gave out after half an hour of boxing with "help" and my super slow computer.
Ok, so let me tell you what's really going on with the super-slow... I live in the country. I have dial up. For three hours a day, I manage to attain a 28.8K connection, the rest of the time it's less. Annoying, but I'm kinda used to it and expect my Internet to be slower'n snail snot. However, this morning, with the inability to get into my blogger account to post about how I'm NOT a morning person and what that entails for me, the slowness made me crazy enough to hurt myself yelling at the computer--which by the way, gave no indication what so ever that it heard me.
I flashed on the scene from the movie Office Space when three guys take a temperamental printer out into a field and have at it with baseball bats. I gleefully envisioned myself wielding a 12 lb. sledgehammer at my processor. And how that is the very first thing I am going to do when I strike it rich and have the money in the bank to replace this damnable box with another damnable box.
The computer troubles have gone off the hook lately since I decided to open a dot-com business and fund it with my profits from my writing--which I'm having trouble finding time for since I'm working on the business that's supposed to make me rich enough to replace the computer, and the trailer, and what-all-ever-else I manage to fantasize about the money buying at that particular second (the list is getting longer every week...).
I've decided that I need to prioritize and come up with a set schedule that handles time for both instead of bopping from one to the other with no organization at all... Not exactly a glowing start for a business! This is why very few 'creative' types manage their own careers and business ventures. We don't linear think; if we did, our creations would be dryer than an Arizona summer.
Anyway after my meltdown and attempts to get help from Blogger-which I never got- and bouncing to my other interests to divert my anger/frustration to a manageable level and giving my throat time enough to not hurt anymore by smoking a few cigarettes--don't ask!-- I decided that it might just be a website malfunction and I would try one more time before coming so unglued that people would consider locking me up.
Turns out that the error message was wrong, and that it was completely at ID ten T problem. I'd changed my password and was typing it in improperly... so yeah... ID-10-T. Did I mention I'm not a morning person?

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