Monday, August 4, 2008

One Piece of Me

I've been trying to build my traffic and I joined a site that promotes traffic sharing, so I've been visiting many more sites than I normally would.

As I was looking at this one site, I thought to myself, "Wow, this person is really religious." The site was devoted to being a Christian, and it was focused in it's presentation and content. I got struck with another 'ah-ha moment' kind of thought almost simultaneously... "This site is only One Piece of this person."

I am so thankful that I caught myself (or was shown this) quickly as I started to judge someone I'd never met. Judgment of others is the antithesis of spirituality! And here I was doing it subconsciously. Luckily for my growth, it became consciously. Seriously, who the hell am I to judge anyone? Who the hell is anyone to judge another, especially if they haven't even spoken to or laid eyes on another person? Even if they have, and think they know another person, it is only a piece of that person. Even if you know them well, it still isn't all of them.

Could this misunderstanding of human behavior be the underlying cause of why people are stunned when someone they know does something they deem to be 'horrible' or 'inappropriate'.

I have spent only two years here in Texas, part of the bible belt, and I immediately started to understand why my thoughts had become judgmental at all. Then again, maybe it's just what I needed to see to expand my spirituality.

I mean really, if you have a very 'on a pedestal' type of view of your pastor or religious leader and then see them decked out in biker-black-leather riding a Harley, would that make them a poor pastor? Or would it make them someone who likes to ride motorcycles and knows that leather is the safest fabric to wear because it will protect you from road-rash if you crash. Ok, so I'm not saying that if the biker gear has Satanic things all over it you shouldn't give pause... but that's common sense, not judgment of another. There really is a difference.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this; the only person on this planet that you know completely is yourself at this exact second. Even you will be a different person with new thoughts, experiences, learnings and spiritual awakenings. Think of everything you were into 10 years ago and how different it is from where you are now. And that's just YOU! So why would anyone try to pigeonhole someone into their narrow view of who someone else is? All you're seeing is one piece of them. Besides, if you judge less, you understand more. 'Nuff said.

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