Friday, February 12, 2010

Y'all Are Messing With Me, Right?

I must be important as far as blogs go, because I get an obnoxious amount of spam comments now. And then there are the comments were I think they're just fucking with me and the comments sit in the moderation folder because I can't decide if they are real comments or not.

Like this one from Anonymous on my last post: "Cool post as for me. It would be great to read a bit more concerning this matter. Thank you for sharing this material."

It could be someone from one of my college classes. Probably the communications one. How else would they know where to misplace the period.

Then there is the academic-online-class-response-to-a-discussion-question tone to it that says, "I didn't even read what you wrote I'm just trying to pass this fucker so I don't have to pay back my student loan yet."

Even though we are in the last couple of days of week 7 in a 9 week class and what you read above tends to be good grammar and punctuation in the "English" class despite many many grammar drills and boring first-year stuff that makes my eyeballs bleed.

It goes right along with how I can not manage to make a graph in Excel despite taking an extra workshop about the use and functions of MS Office programs so that we could use these programs to hopefully pass our classes.

I managed to make a graph that was supposed to chart the amounts spent by month of an annual budget.

The horizontal axis was not months January thru December, but the numbers 1 thru 13.

The bars were not bars, but one single bar, which was the average of the monthly budgets.

I know this because somehow I screwed around long enough with the program to wind up with a little box next to the single bar that told me that the single bar represented the average of the budget for each month and oh-by-the-way, the numbers 1 thru 13 are actually indicative of months.

I didn't know there were 13 months in a year.

In order to turn it in on time I titled the graph, "Messed Up Graph" and posted it as an attachment.

I got a certificate that says I completed the workshop satisfactorily.

Apparently turning assignments in on time is the main goal of college. Registered & Protected



The Retired One said...

Those graphs are completely useless aren't they? When I was at work I had to shop around forever to find an "idiot proof" program where I can just write in what I wanted in little squares and it gave me options of how I wanted it to work...and then I just hit "do it" and it produced a gorgeous one.
So what if I blew my work budget to buy it? I looked positively brilliant at meetings. ha

Angelika said...

Um, I've only been able to get about 2 hours of sleep since Thursday @ 9am. Mom's Birthday (so she called & asked if I wanted to go out to lunch), school let out early, blah blah.

So I didn't understand WTF you were talking about.

This is not spam.

I love you, Pookie!