Monday, December 21, 2009

No Rant Just Rave

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So, for those of you that have been on facebook you know where I've been... playing FarmVille and writing pithy mini-commentary on my life.... Ok, I'll stop lying now, only the FarmVille part is true.

Well that and watching new Star Trek and The Hangover, both of which are soSoSO much better than I ever anticipated and I could just watch them back to back on a loop until New Year's... which you'd know if you were on facebook.

But a few weeks ago, I realized that my computer time consumption is off the hook. As in, Holy Hell woman, why don't you go offline and actually pay some attention to that cutie pie son that doesn't include you pointing out virtual farm animals. Fucking pathetic.

Then I was also thinking that I really, REALLY needed to do something with my life. Cause... well, quoting movie lines and acing flickster movie quizzes is not going to bring home the bacon... even if they make it a game show cause I just don't have the competitiveness to pull out my own tooth... sorry, I got sidetracked by The Hangover again.

So, you see what I mean? I needed some real, honest to goodness, bankable purpose in my life. I didn't know that, but the universe did. And somehow, seriously, somehow, cause no, I wasn't drugged, but I still can't quite tell you how it happened... I wound up applying for college through University of Phoenix.

Yep, y'all, twenty long years on the twisty road that has been my life, after I grabbed my degree and parted high school with my head and my bird held high, I am going back to school.

I am a Phoenix.

I'm both excited and wondering what the fuck I just did to myself all at the same time. But no matter what I'll at least get my AA, because I promised the universe that even though I'm gonna hit the Mega Million jackpot, all by myself, for Christmas 2009, I would still complete my schooling, because I know the universe put this in my lap, and the universe gets way pissed
when you discount one of it's leadings.

I know this cause three and a half years ago I quit the job the universe gave me and it hasn't given me shit since. And no, my son doesn't count cause I was pregnant before I quit that job; I just didn't know it yet.

Anyway, I'm off to celebrate by watching The Hangover again, followed by a load of dishes and a pat on the back by way of new Star Trek. Cause I'm a homebound movie junkie looser silly like that.

So, I just wanted to let y'all know that I wasn't only wasting my time while I've been away from here.

I wish you all a wonderful set of holidays, whatever you celebrate.

As for me, I'm hoping Santa brings me Chris Pine and Bradley Cooper notebooks cause I start classes on the 28th.

God Bless, Y'all! Happy 2010! Registered & Protected

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K said...

Ahhh.. So that's what where you've been. Quenching your thirst for knowledge. Or at least, about to. Good luck on the 28th. Don't get sidetracked by a gorgeous hunk of a professor who painfully looks like Bradley Cooper. Oh dear. Just staring at that man is orgasmic pleasure to me already.

K said...

Btw, have you seen He's Just Not That into You? He's awfully sexy in there. Augh.

The Retired One said...

Oh Aria! I am soooo proud of you! What will be your major????

I went to 1/1/2 years at the university straight out of high school to be an elementary teacher, and at the time, there wasn't a teacher's position open (even in Harlem!) so I quit.
I waited until after I got married, had 2 kids and when my youngest was in kindergarten, I went back and got my degree in nursing. (Because there are a ton more sick people than children to teach, evidently)...
I had to go an ADDITIONAL 4 years to finish because some of my credits were not counted toward the new degree (WTF? Same university, by the way!)
It was totally, bitchin' difficult, (and now I wonder HOW I did it with 2 kids and having to wake up at 5 a.m. in the winter to drive to frickin' pathophysiology class!!) but I did. Sure wish there would have been a Phoenix then on-line (I could get my masters that way in nursing now, but hell, I am retired!)
Besides, back then, how on earth would I have learned to do all the fun stuff like enemas, IV's and pelvics ON LINE????
You will be fantastic at whatever degree you choose to do! Congratulations!!!!! I will be waiting to hear your tales of adventure.
One thing for sure? You will feel OLD going back...but don't worry, there are people of ALL ages doing it too!

Aria said...

Thanks for asking... I did forget that part, huh? lololol
I will be studying to get a degree in Health Care Administration with a concentration in Pharmacy Practice. I've decided in lay terms that's a druggie that tells ppl what to do! ;-) And the OMG Super Nice thing about Phoenix, it's completely geared toward ppl like me that haven't seen the inside of a classroom for 20 years. Actually, I think a person coming straight out of HS would feel out of place there. So YEAH! Plus, I'm doing the whole thing online... cause I'm a country-dweller. I'd have to go 70 miles one way to get to the nearest campus.

ps. Yes, K, I have seen that, but that was before I knew who BC was and it didn't stick. Now I'm gonna have to re-rent it so I can drool. LOL OH, and Julie & Julia was excellent, but it didn't have any heterosexual-woman-eyecandy! lol Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Jersey Girl said...

Congratulations! I really admire anyone that returns to school after all that time. I've thought about doing it, but, I know I'm just kidding myself. I just don't have the discipline to follow through right now. You go, girl!

philly5113 said...

Aria, this is my first visit to yout site and I quite enjoyed your posts. Congratulations on this excellent move and clear direction going into 2010. I wish you all the best. P