Monday, July 14, 2008

Prayers and Wishes

What I want to know, is this: Are prayers really answered? Do wishes come true?

The few times I've had prayers answered, they've had strings attached. And not just little strings...huge, massive, make ya choke they're so hard to swallow strings. And when I've accepted the strings along with the blessings my life was always changed and usually irrevocably. At the very least, I'd get the hairy eyeball from those with the conventional view of life.
In fact, I've found most often that the only way to tell if it's God talking to you or your own thoughts tends to be this; it's can't be you when the answer you get is so far from what's in your head that you know it's emanating from somewhere or something else. And if you are overcome with peace, the strings tend to be really thick, and yet you're totally fine with going through with the consequences of having your prayer answered.
Case in point; leaving my ex-husband. I prayed about it for years. Finally I got told that I could go, but.... BUT (see the string? Yeah it was a doozie!) I had to let my daughter stay with my ex. In the natural I'd have come unglued at just the thought of it, let alone the circumstances surrounding it. My ex was addicted to crack cocaine, recently unemployed and his latest round of decisions lead to us being evicted from our apartment.
I was supposed to leave my daughter; the one I'd stayed home for 5 years to raise, the one people called 'mini-me', my only reason for breathing and not offing myself during the really bad times, My Girl... I was supposed to leave her with my ex. And yet, I had peace about it, cause God promised that she would be in his hand the whole time. I should have known it was messed up when I got the peace; but once it gets you, all things are possible, and you believe.
So, being more fearful of what would happen if I stayed than if I went, I left. After the peace wore off, I tried everything imaginable to get my girl back. But the decision had been made and the universe was making me stick to it. I was blocked by stupid coincidences at every turn.
Within a couple of weeks, something amazing happened to him. Once he became the 'sole parent' to our daughter he got straightened up and fast. First he sobered up... not just drug addict, "I'm off the shit, man" sobered up which only lasts till the next monies come in, Real sober. Then he packed everything and moved to Southern California, got a place to live, a job in his lucrative field, and a sponsor-- not necessarily in that order. Because of where they moved to, my girl was enrolled in the top 5 ranked public elementary school in all of California. She's been on honor roll for two straight years (they only start that in 3rd grade) and is spoiled--in the good way--beyond belief. God kept his promise that she would be safe. And, she, in effect, saved her father's life.
I see now, quite easily, why that string was attached. But it was a difficult and bitter pill to swallow. It left a bittersweet aftertaste. She is doing much better than I could have managed to provide for her, both in school and living situation. She has a strong relationship with her father now, one that she no doubt would never have had if I had continued to be her primary caregiver. And, she would have had to cope with the loss of her father, too... I am convinced that he would be dead of the drugs in one way or another. So yes, I guess prayers do get answered.

And wishes? Hang on, I'm laughing so hard I need to get back in my chair...

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