Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Once Upon a Time...When I Had My Computer and Give-A-Damn at the Same Time

Once upon a time... you know, like last year when I had my computer and a pretty healthy dose of spare time and give a damn... I swore that I was back. 

I updated the look of things and I wrote and I was doing really well, writing-my-blog-wise.

Then the money went away.

And then the computer died.

And then, because of the last two lines, the spare time went away... and now it's been a while fucking forever, quit lying to these people!  since I've posted and life is all different kind-of, it's not like I moved to Nepal again.

Good news is, I'm back to writing. Bad news is, it hasn't been here.

I think it's going well... but, we'll see.

Somehow, whenever I profess an upswing, life takes that as a personal challenge to blow up a bunch of stuff and I wind up sounding like I should be committed for saying that things have been alright.

Anyway, it's July 2016. I haven't posted since November 2015. And if anyone other than spammers still show up here AT ALL, it's a miracle.

And I've been writing this almost exact post for nearly five years now, so I'm considering whole heartedly giving up the ghost and quitting Aria'z Ink.

Mostly because I almost never have access to a computer when I feel like writing a post, which is no where near every day anymore, but also because I'm not even close to being the person I was when this whole experiment started in 2008.

It's like having a child, pouring everything you've got (time, money, attention, affection) into it for three years, and then neglecting it until it winds up in juvie for18 murders and a crack habit at the ripe old age of eight while you've run off and married someone the kid hates.

You kind of want to wash your hands of the whole situation, but by the same token, it's your love child and you put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it. Besides, the kid is cute and has one hell of a personality even if she did develop a murderous crack habit

So what do you do? 

Call Johnny Cochran and set up a payment plan? Which probably won't work because Johnny's dead, but he's one snake-sharp lawyer, and if anybody could come up with how to charge money from the other side, it's Johnny. He'd probably get a shit-ton of tax breaks for his newfound other-side income since he'd pull the "I'm Dead" card  just like he waived OJ's gloves around.

But then the Feds would figure out how to charge income tax on the people that are dead, just like they did to some poor New Jersey mother who is now responsible for all of her deceased son's student loans.

Then John Edward and Amy Allen would be completely overrun by people asking them to file their deceased tax forms! I wouldn't give a shit if they bothered the hell out of Zack though, because he's a tool.

Plus, it's not going to matter anyway, because we're still going to wind up with either Hillary or The Donald in office and we're pretty much fucked after that regardless of whether we're dead or alive.

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