Thursday, November 5, 2015

Box of Miracles-Day 21

So, what else can the Box of Miracles do?

It can give you a professional life that saves you from a J.O.B.

I always wanted to help people. I had a vision years ago (a post for another time!) that I was going to be a philanthropist. I never knew how, but I had faith that one day I would hit the Lotto and be able to fulfill my calling.

I didn't realize that being a philanthropist is so much deeper than handing people wads of cash. It is truly helping others.

The Box of Miracles made me confident in my ability to help other people.

Whether they are simply looking for the best program to accomplish their physical goals or they want to transform their financial life, I have a solid answer for them. I have no reservations about telling people that I personally know (and would have to answer to if they weren't happy!) about this program. 

And that is ALL I DO.

I talk to people and share what I know.

I earn excellent compensation for my time and knowledge when I'm just running to the gas station and seeing someone that asks me about my Facebook posts. I go to the grocery store and run into someone who remarks on the fact that I'm melting and I'm able to help them with their physical struggle. Easy. As effortless as recommending a movie or cell phone.

It allows me to earn more in one week than I used to make all month.

I no longer need overtime nor do I calculate my earning potential by the hours I punch in to someone else's time clock. And here's the real kicker, instead of trying to keep me from earning additional money, this company is dedicated to helping me increase my income.I do not have to wait for six months for a raise. I will never be told again that my raise is not in the budget. I have the power to increase my income any time I choose. 

Let me repeat that for all of my hard-working friends with J.O.B.'s.

I have the power to increase my income any time I choose.


This company takes all of their advertising budget and through the process of direct marketing, gives it to the people that sign other people up. We do not price gouge. There are no hidden fine print loopholes to payouts. It's all up front and is the same for the millionaires and the "I started last week" people alike.

Multiple people just like me have become millionaires by doing what I am doing in two years or less.

I now have concrete, ATTAINABLE goals of joining their ranks... actually being a millionaire before age 50 after 20+ years of doing low to mid-level customer service and administrative jobs.

I wanted to loose weight while I was looking for a J.O.B.

I found both in one product from one company that delivers bigger and better than I could have ever imagined before I started.

Win. Win. WIN.

I'm so glad I stopped procrastinating and made the one decision that changed everything.

Can I get a Hallelujah for the Box of Miracles?!?

Hallelujah! Registered & Protected

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